07 June 2007

On the Move

It's time to update those bookmarks, dear readers. Ye Olde Blog is on the move to a new home: (http://whatitslikeontheinside.com). You should have been automatically redirected to the new locale.

I'm excited about the change and the capability to offer a bit more to the world than my paltry blog. With my growth in my own learning and interests on the job, I like the idea of a place where I can share some pieces of my research and classroom tools without the confines of the blogspot walls.

It may take a day or two for the DNS servers across the 'net to get the information on the redirect. If you're reading this after getting stalled by a blue screen telling you things were under construction, welcome back! I'm glad to have you along for Phase II of "What It's Like on the Inside."

1 comment:

Mike in Texas said...

Got your URL updated Science Goddess