10 June 2007

Oh, The Humanity!

A couple of months ago, I suggested ripping off an idea from the science world for merit badges and applying them to classroom situations. I was thinking of this again recently when there was solicitation of ideas for a logo for Curriculum department communications. My first idea was this:

Target by wili_hybrid CC-BY-NC

It's simple and to the point. It acknowledges our role as frequent targets of anything teachers don't like. But then, I thought that this might be better:

Pinata by DJOtaku CC-BY-NC-SA

Again, it's pretty basic; but, it gets the message across. "Hey, staff, get your sticks and knock the stuffing out of us! You know you love it!" Unfortunately, we're not filled with treats. Maybe a pinata isn't the most appropriate graphic for the department. We then reflected upon the recent direction of the department. At that point, this seemed like the best idea:

Lifesaver by emdot CC-BY

Depressing, but authentic in reflecting the pall around the office. Maybe this was "the one." The sheer number of projects and initiatives to be completed in the next 10 days does feel a bit like drowning; however, not that many teachers view us as lifesavers...so back to the drawing board:

Hindenburg - 1937 by Marco Crupi CC-BY-NC-ND

Okay, so the Hindenburg doesn't translate all that well into a nice line drawing. But things are going down in spectacular flames and Nero is quite often off fiddling somewhere else...to mix in an anachronistic metaphor.

Any other suggestions out there to add a little hydrogen to the fire?


ohdave said...

I've fixed the link on my site. you're under the education links sidebar.

Thanks for coming by!

Dr Pezz said...

What exactly precipitated these feelings?

The Science Goddess said...

Dave---thanks for the help!

Dr Pezz---Dude, get a blog. :) Join us on Washington Teachers and help out.

To explain the precipitation would require about 2.5 years worth of blog entries. If only...

Really, it comes down to two things: a Boss Lady in over her head and teachers looking for somebody to blame for all the changes to education in the last few years.

Anonymous said...

How about http://farm1.static.flickr.com/110/316939094_7ef603c3f0_m.jpg

Congrats on the new location! And thanks for the kick in the butt. As soon as I catch up on my neglected house and family, I'm back in blogging business - I swear!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, SG! When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Remember, they can't shoot ya.

Seriously, we have to take a long-range view. You're not on the Titanic, but it is a big ship and it takes a long time to turn one of those babies around out there on that ocean of certainty vs. doubt.

Give it 110% and more time (not necessarily more hours/day) and we'll see some results.

A lot of the current cynicism about education reform came about because unwise administrators of yore jumped into the "program d'jour" without considering how it would effect their fiefdom strategically. I think our approaches these days are more reasoned and, well, strategic. So hold the fort! ;-)

Hugh O'Donnell
Hillsboro, OR

Anonymous said...

SG, do you have an RSS feed for your blog?

I use Sage and it's pretty handy for keeping up with thought.


The Science Goddess said...

Hey, Hugh! I'm still trying to figure out this whole FTP publishing mode for blogger---so I haven't set up the RSS feed yet. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Bless you child, you appear to be in a lot of pain. Don't forget, she who shits in her own nest gets stinky feet.

Hugh O'Donnell said...
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Hugh O'Donnell said...

That comment deleted above was mine. I was experimenting now that I've figured out how to sign in. :)

(Don't want to be confused with potty-mouthed anonymi either!)

Hang in there!

Hugh O'Donnell said...

This is a little off your topic, SG, but the picture of the target reminded me of my school retirement party at the end of school year 2002-03. You know, the one where all the dinosaurs either tear up in a hanky or cheer wildly that they're out the door?

One of my buddies, probably one of the two best science teachers in the district, gave me a Target (the store) T-shirt to commemorate all the constructive hell I had raised at our middle school in the prior twenty-three years.

He said, "All these years you've had a target on your back, so we thought we'd acknowledge your ability to take it."

I said, "Gee, I never noticed!"

The Tour Marm said...

I was just looking at Jacques-Louis David's 1787 painting, The Death of Socrates, in the hopes of putting in the caption: First, there was NCLB...