02 June 2007

Note to Self: End of Year Activities

There are 16 workdays left in the year. Between now and then, I have 4 full-day cadre meetings, 2.5 days of benchmark meetings, 1 full day with my 7th grade teachers, and a full-day with the staff at my new school. There are other sundry meetings and activities on my calendar, too. And I have to ask who was the idiot who scheduled all of these things? Ah, yes. Me.

So this is a note to self: next year...don't plan anything for June. Do yourself a favour and leave time for all of the end of year reports due to the state and other agencies...all the budgets that must be submitted for the upcoming year...the wrap-up of sundry district programs. There will be plenty else on your calendar without you filling it up, too.

At least next year I won't be taking a class at this time. My current grad class is going well. I finished all of the homework assignments last weekend---now I can trickle in one a week until things end mid-August. I have felt very successful with this course so far. I even found a mistake in the stats text that none of the profs had seen. Perhaps I don't have as much "ring rust" as I'd feared. Next year, I hope to be furiously working away on my dissertation...from a comfy seat in the yard. I'm going to make a note of that idea, too.

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