31 May 2007

That's No Torch...It's a Bonfire

Get your marshmallows. Ask your neighbour for some graham crackers. I've got Hershey bars to share. It's time to see out the school year with some kum-ba-yah and s'mores.

There is very little else in the world as liberating as passing off programs and work to someone else. In the last week, I've handed off two major end of year projects and the beginning teachers' program to someone else in the office. In our parlance, it's "passing the torch." In reality, it's a helluva blaze that someone else will have to maintain. Burn, baby, burn!

I wish I could say that this means my load is lightened. It's nice, to be sure, but we have three weeks of school left...and the next two have four cadre meetings, three benchmark meetings, and one 7th grade differentiation meeting. Some of these will have outcomes and products that have to be ready to review by other teachers before the end of the year...and then we have to print and share them with a broader audience. Not to mention the new duties as an instructional coach that I'm starting to have to consider.

It's hard to stay focused on those things at this point in the year. I'd like to just stay home and play in the yard. I'm ready for summer break and all that it entails, leaving the Curriculum Inferno (if Dante only knew...) behind for awhile.

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