07 May 2007

Seeing the Apples for the Trees

Tomorrow is Take Your Child to Work Day here in Washington. Yes, it is usually in April, but our state testing elicited a suggestion from the governor that we wait until now. I know of at least one small person who will be in our office tomorrow, but we've also talked about another option.

What if there was a "Take Your Parents to Work Day"?

This idea elicited gasps of horror from many of us...imagining our mothers and/or fathers hanging out. One guy claimed that his father would likely just sit and read the Bible all day...another did a fun impression of her mother complaining "You're going to wear that? I don't want to be seen in public with you." The clash of parents in the office would definitely be something to see. I think about all of the times when I met the parents of students and thought "So that's why this kid is like that." My guess is that even among adults we'd gain plenty of insight. How far do them apples fall from the trees?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be able to teach, because my mom would constantly be interrupting me, with things like, "leave that kid alone," or, "how do you expect anyone to read that messy writing of yours?"

My students would get a huge kick out of it,though.