11 May 2007


It's one of those times when I have too much to write about and yet nothing seems to fit this space.

I could write about the ongoing saga with 4th grade teachers at one school. They had quite the temper tantrum on Monday when I went out to "help" them do what we agreed last Friday. I received an apology note, but it rings hollow in terms of their intent to do what is needed for kids.

I want to write about what an awful bully I work for, but it makes me sad to contemplate that too much.

I'd like to mention how utterly spoiled the secretaries in our office made us feel during this Teacher Appreciation Week. We had breakfast (with Starbucks coffee on Monday), a deli lunch on Wednesday, and got hand dipped caramel apples today. The boss, on the other hand, tried to appreciate us by sending an e-card (which never made it through the spam filter). "Thought that counts," indeed.

It would be good to tell everyone about the 20 teachers I had attend an in-service I provided on Science Notebooks. Good energy and enthusiasm is my favourite kind of infection to give and receive.

I'm dying to share some thoughts about my job assignment for next year. As predicted, it is going to look a bit different...and I couldn't be happier. Meanwhile, some of those affected by this change are unaware of what is happening, so I can't say anything out loud just yet.

I need to save what happened Thursday evening to write about next Thursday evening. You'll understand why later.

And then there was the big meeting yesterday to talk about how to deal with issues that may arise as kids transition from our standard-based grading system at elementary to the traditional "Gotcha!" grading system of secondary. Secondary teachers who attended are starting to take a long hard look at their own practices and that they can't justify what they do.

Or maybe I should just tell everyone about the beautiful weather we're having and how I'm ready for summer break...although nearly 30 days are left.

For now, I'll just wish you all a wonderful weekend. I hope to have my head together enough to complete a thought tomorrow. :)

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