15 May 2007

A Pocket of Excellent Deviants

A trainer recently told our department that it is desirable to find those pockets of deviant excellence within a school and "grow" them in order to effect change. Those of us in Curriculum, however, much preferred the idea of being a pocket of excellent deviants. I think it should be our department motto. But I digress.

It seems to us that the Gurus in Education (Wiggins, McTighe, Tomlinson, Stiggins, O'Connor, Danielson...) deserve a fan base. When was the last time one of them was asked to autograph a body part? Does anyone ever throw their undies at the podium when they present? Perhaps nicknames are in order: Wiggy and Tiggy, The Stiginator, and so on. Are there "Tomlinson-heads," perhaps, who follow presentations around the country? I told a friend at work that I was geeking out because Ken O'Connor left a comment on one of my recent blog posts. "I'll never wash that blog page again." :)

We're silly, I know. But sometimes you just have to entertain yourself at work...try things in new contexts and see what fits. I can't imagine that we'll deviate much from this.

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