22 May 2007

Pleased to Meetcha...I'm the Teacher

Before I begin, does anyone have a clue where I can download an mp3 of "I'm the Teacher" by Ian Hunter? I'm dyin' for it.

But back to our originally scheduled blog post...

The theme for the afternoon seems to have been "Damn, I know a lot of people." The Curriculum Road Show pulled into the last junior high on our district tour today. The goal was to share the changes to the instructional model for next year (they're getting an instructional coach, too...just not me). On the way in there's one of the teachers who helped with Summer Seminar last year and then a variety of others I have come to know over the last 11 years in the district.

I can't believe I've been here long enough not to have to write out the number of years...at least according to APA style.

Anyway, after we rolled up our circus tents for the afternoon, I went to Safeway to get a celebratory type cake for my next meeting. And there was a paraeducator I used to work with. And a student I once had.

I made it over to the final stop of the day---an elementary school. One of the teachers had bravely volunteered to host the last beginning teacher's meeting of the year. As I walked down the hallway, there was a literacy coach...a principal...a teacher who is coming to Curriculum tomorrow to build a "Grade in a Box"...another on his way to the DoD school in Naples. All this before I'm halfway to the destination classroom, where I find two subs I know. I haven't even seen any of the people I'm there to see and I'm already tired of meeting and greeting.

Being the last time for the n00b5 to be together for this year, we had a bit of a celebration. Some cake and a toast with sparkling apple cider. It was bittersweet---many are not going to be back with us next year because there are just no positions for them. I kept our meeting short, let them "party" and chat, and we all went into the sunlight. It's good to be able to count them among the people I know.

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