29 May 2007

Meet and Greet

For those of you who've been around the eduspheric block, you know that blogs come and go. People start and use their blogs for different reasons...and when that reason no longer exists, they move on (sometimes without telling us).

But it's spring, and there's a new crop of blogs out there just ripe for the picking. It's too soon to know if any of these will stick around, but you might stop by and drop an encouraging word.

If you're a new blogger, there are lots of good tips around from those of us who've been around the school calendar more times than we'd like to admit. I hope you'll share some new ideas with us, too. I've just finished cleaning out my blogroll (3 deletes and 1 addition) and things are looking rather skinny on the sidebar. I certainly have room if it looks like you're going to stick around.


ERKO said...

Hi, speaking of newish blogs, I would like to let you know of mine:




Mr. Lee said...

Wow, I feel like I'm famous now being recognized by this awesome blog. I suppose I should stop my lurking now.

The Science Goddess said...

Welcome! Best wishes for successful blogging.