24 May 2007

Kicking Off the Weekend

I can't muster up something serious this evening, although I have lots to think about at the moment. So, how about some other sort of zen to ponder? Here are a couple of t-shirt logos I've seen in the last couple of days that I thought would be fun to have. It's the unofficial start to summer this weekend---what better way to kick things off than some new wardrobe additions?

Spoiler Tee

And one for the science geeks (like me):


graycie said...

LOVE'em! I think I know all of the movies on the first one, and fell on the floor rolling around about the Beatles one.

The shirt that is a must-have for me is kind of snide -- it says, "I'll act nicer if you'll act smarter." There are days . . .

The Science Goddess said...

I recognize all of the movies on the "Spoiler Tee," but I haven't seen them all. (I think I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't contributed to JK Rowling's wealth---I've never read a book about Harry Potter nor watched a film.)

"Donnie Darko" is my most recently viewed one from the graphic. It was a bit odd, but definitely one I wanted to watch more than once and think about.