12 May 2007

It's My Grade in a Box!

It started out innocently enough. We have many teachers changing buildings and/or grade levels for the next school year and Curriculum wanted to put together some support materials. We termed them "Grade in a Box," and later added "Building in a Box." The idea is to provide an insider's guide and all the need-to-know information in a reference tool.

Little did we know that the whole thing would be corrupted through the efforts of Justin Timberlake and the cast of Saturday Night Live.

The mere mention of "Grade in a Box" is enough to elicit naughty smiles and outright giggling. It's been suggested that we rename our creation before sending it out to teachers next month.

For those of you unfamiliar with the "...in a Box" phenomenon, enjoy the YouTube clip below. (FYI: It's "not safe for work" or toddlers with a mind like a steel trap and a voice like a bullhorn.)


Anonymous said...

"I got your Grade in a Box right here, girl."

I can't imagine how that could be offensive.

The Science Goddess said...

I suppose that if we show it off at crotch level, some might be unnerved.

I would suggest some sort of Christmas tree idea, but that would be sure to offend, as well.

Lots of "front packs" out there.