01 May 2007

Falling for Anything

As you can probably tell, I'm an -ism fan...-isms in the sense of traditional words of wisdom. Colloquialisms. I have long had a love affair with the written word and the different ideas it can convey. I like the hokey nature of -isms, how most of them appear pithy and purile on the surface but have another layer if you're willing to read between the words. -isms tell a story---and who doesn't enjoy that? They are a one-line "in joke."

Some people embody certain -isms for me. Right now Boss Lady 2.0 is of the "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything" variety. It's in the same family as taking a stand, drawing a line in the sand, picking your battles, growing a pair, and I hope they bought you dinner first. You can't be a Director of any department and not be a political animal. The job is an orgy of partners---everybody wants a piece and you have to be particular about how things work. There has to be a bit of give and take all based upon a well-grounded educational philosophy. In short, you need to know what you stand for.

I'm okay with the fact that she can't always take my side. I'm just not okay knowing that she doesn't take anyone's side. She'll fall one way or the other depending on who's in the room and how a particular perspective will make her look. I think kids in this district deserve better than that. They need someone who stands for something and falls for nothing when it comes to their experiences in the classroom. We need a new -ism to lead us.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure we don't work at the same school in the Phoenix region of Arizona??? haha.

Regular reader, posting this comment as anonymous for various reasons.

Here is my question though: Does she always take the side of the parents if there are parents anywhere near her?

The Science Goddess said...

I'm glad you decided to leave "lurk mode" for a moment and comment! Welcome!

In Boss Lady 2.0's current position, she doesn't have a lot of parent contact. However, she will take the side of whoever else is in the room, even if you've talked with her ahead of time about the issues. It's far more important for her to look good than to do the right thing.