13 May 2007

Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

When I worked in NM, I had some very frank colleagues and administrators. It was nothing for one of my buddies to remind her 7th grade charges that "It's gettin' down to the nut-cuttin' time" when a deadline was looming. One of the favoured phrases of the assistant principal was that something or other "had gone tits up in the ditch." It's colourful enough. An appliance dies...a marriage dissolves...an accident happens---all things that could lead to pulling out that particular old saw about mammary glands pointed skywards.

I was thinking about this yesterday when my laptop screen suddenly flickered and went dark. The darned thing had gone tits up. I made a few calls and didn't find anyone who could fix it in less than a couple of weeks. I opted for a creative solution: buy a new laptop.

There's a screamer of a computer sitting with me now. Three hard drives...2 gigs of memory...built-in webcam...full size keyboard and 17" screen...a LightScribe to burn not just my CDs, but their labels, too. I'm sure I haven't begun to discover all that this puppy can do.

As for the other machine, I'll resuscitate the old gal and restore her dignity. My mother is interested in having it, even if it's an "old" machine (4.5 years). As for me, I'm hoping that it's another good long time before I have another computer that goes tits up in the ditch.

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Anonymous said...

New toy - fun! I'm jealous! Mine's ready to go t-u any day now.