14 May 2007

The Big Reveal

Since tomorrow afternoon things will be public knowledge, I'll go ahead and share my big news about next year.

I am keeping the k-12 science goddess portion of my job...but it will be reduced from 80% of my contract to 60%. Although I strongly feel that k-12 science deserves full-time attention, I am nearly alone in that sentiment. Math is the darling right now. It needs its time in the sun, to be sure, but achievement in science is much farther behind in this district...and kids have to be just as proficient in it as they do in math by 2013. We're not being very proactive. But enough about that.

I've enjoyed working with the beginning teachers this year, but I can't say that I have a passion for it. I think this is a group which needs a better advocate than I could be for them. So, that program is being passed along to someone else.

I have felt very disconnected from kids and teachers this year for various reasons. One is just being out of the classroom. Another is the general discontent in the district about budget and school closures---no one is happy to see or hear from anyone at central office. Meanwhile, I'm not completely enamored with the idea of being around Boss Lady 2.0 all the time. Working for her has not been a pleasant experience.

What's a gal to do?

Obviously, it was time to make a bit of a change. My EdD is in Teacher Leadership and I'm past due for more opportunities to apply what I'm learning about working with teachers. So, the other .4 of my contract next year will be as an instructional coach at one of our junior highs. I am very excited about this opportunity. The principal is someone who has always been one of my biggest supporters and the staff wants a coach. I know that many teachers may look at me as just "high school" and/or "science," but I really feel like my experiences over the last two years have both broadened and deepened my skills in working with teachers and students.

The model for next year will be very much teacher driven. They will identify what their professional development needs are---and I will be there to support them all the way. I'm so glad that all will be revealed tomorrow and I can start building relationships at that building for the remainder of the year.


Ryan said...

Congratulations on the new endeavour--you'll be great!

And it's a fair point about science; in my district science trails math by better than 30 points. That's where I think the professional development and coaching needs to be targetted, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you! That school is so lucky to have you. And it's a much-needed change of pace for you. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences next year!

The Science Goddess said...

No applause...just throw money. :)

Seriously, thank you both for your kind comments and good cheer. I can hardly wait to be knee deep in adolescents and teachers again!