28 April 2007

Where's Wonka When You Need Him?

At a time of year when things should start their quiet descent to summer break, staff in this district are incredibly stressed out. I keep thinking that instead of candy bowls on people's desks that there should be bowls of Xanax. Maybe some Valium lollipops would help. Or, just a big old Prozac Lick in the staff room. There are very good reasons for the anxiety across the district---there are lots of changes with the school closures, boundary changes, staff reassignments, and program cuts...with five more years of the same ahead of us. We need that wallpaper you can lick, except instead of fruit flavours, one with mood-elevating substances. The idea of "fizzy lifting drinks" takes on a whole new definition. (Perhaps those are served in a Wonka Bar?)


Anonymous said...

You got a petition to implement this plan? Where do I sign?

The Science Goddess said...

No petition, but I do think it's a good side business to start up.

Or perhaps someone just needs to tell a doctor that s/he could make money just roaming hallways with a prescription pad.