16 April 2007

Rumor Has It

...that teachers at two schools received their marching orders today. These are not the schools which are closing, but rather the two schools with the reputation of having the most negative attitudes in the district. I heard that late this afternoon, involuntary transfer notices were handed to several teachers at each school. Should make for a rather tense working environment for the rest of the year. My hat's off to the administration for doing something good for kids. No longer will groups of teachers be able to talk about how kids can't learn in their school...that no initiatives will make any difference...that their kids can't do the same work as the rest of the students across the district. I'm sure that things change much, but they won't have one another to feed off of, either. There won't be the message year after year within a school. The teachers will no doubt continue their cries of "Wolf! Wolf!" at every single thing which crosses their paths...but they may be all alone in their new schools with that attitude.

...that Mighty White Boy could have a job elsewhere next year.

...that one of our more clueless Curriculum Specialists was dressed down a bit by Boss Lady 2.0 on Friday. You're not supposed to be able to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person, right? This particular specialist had best watch herself and lay low for a bit. Our office is no place for the politically ignorant.

...that Boss Lady 2.0 is an Empress with No Clothesies when it comes to standards-based grading and reporting.

...that my job could look very different next year.

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