29 April 2007

The Median

My "Quantitative Research Methods" (a/k/a "stats") class is underway, marking my halfway point in getting my EdD. At this time next year, I will be considered "ABD"---All But Dissertation. The whole process is really moving along quickly.

I have had some trepidation about taking this class, not because I'm mathphobic, but rather that I've never used much in the way of technology for math. Now, I have a fancy-schmancy statistical software package to use, an on-line resource to "see" statistics, and on-line tutorials and quizzes. I used just a plain old scientific calculator when I first took a stats class---and have never learned to use the graphing calculators all the high school kiddos seem to have these days. I am definitely at the far left end of the normal curve on this one.

All that being said, I'm ready for the change in my program. After cranking out 50+ pages of writing each semester, it will be a nice change of pace to have some weekly math problems to do. Meanwhile, I have to have my prospectus ready by August. This class will be a good way to test out my problem statement and figure out how I want to do my sampling as I start my research project next year.

Right now, though, it is almost the median point of the Spring season. My blueberry bushes and strawberry plants are in full bloom...and grass has started to take over my lavender bed. All stats and no play makes for a very dull Goddess---so I'm headed outside to enjoy the day.


Mrs. Bluebird said...

You have a lavender bed...? Oh, I'm so jealous. I had one when we lived in Ohio, but I haven't had any luck with lavender down here in the South. I've even bought special varieties that are supposed to do well here, but no luck. I'm trying again this year. I adore, adore, adore, lavender.

The Science Goddess said...

My lavender bed is a whole lot prettier now.

Silly me. I had thought that the weed stopper fabric would also make grass easy to pull. Damned monocot root systems LOVE the fabric...but I prevailed. :)

I can hardly wait until the lavender puffs out a bit and blooms. It already has its wonderful smell going.