24 April 2007

It's a Bird...It's a Plane

Faster than a speeding slug as she goes from meeting to meeting...more powerful than a soggy black cat firecracker while she provides input to principals...able to extend teachers' knowledge base with a single activity...it's Super ScienceGoddess! (You knew that was the next line, right?)

Okay, perhaps there's a tiny bit of hyperbole there, but this day was going to be villianous. I don't have a cape and tights, and I don't wear my undies as outerwear (although some nice leopard print lingerie underneath does confer a certain sense of invincibility). Sometimes, you just have to tell your calendar "You're not the boss of me!" and march through things.

At this time last month, I had only one item listed as an item of business for the day: working with kindergarten teachers at our final cadre session. And then a tour of the science kit center was added for part of the afternoon. No problem---that isn't kryptonite. People were welcome to take a peek and think about other program needs. When Friday rolled around, two more meetings were added: one with each set of secondary principals in order to talk about the staff development model for next year. Hey, we can work around that. The math specialist can do her thing in the morning while I represent us with the principals and I'll do science with the group in the afternoon.

Things started to change for our heroine yesterday morning. Dastardly deeds were afoot.

First, one of the principal meeting times was changed to suit an early afternoon schedule. Ummm...okay. I'll just travel back and forth between the kit center and central orifice. And then, I added another meeting during the day. For those of you keeping count at home, we're now up to five commitments---four of which were happening throughout the fifth one. Only two of the meetings had anything in common.

But wait, there's more.

Boss Lady 2.0 forgot that she has to evaluate us by May 1. So, somewhere in the day when I was actually going to be at cadre, she needed to observe me for an hour.

Did I miss the memo---was Monday actually supposed to be today?

Not to worry, fanboys and fangirls, Super ScienceGoddess perservered and had a successful day dispatching the evil calendar and its meeting minions. She has lived to fight another day in the name of Truth, Justice, and the Curriculum Way. Huzzah!

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