07 April 2007

In Other Words

One of the items I bumped into during the last week was this:

They are billed as being able to "get you multisyllabizing like a results-driven tycoon in mere days. Study alone or with a team player, then embrace your golden handcuffs as you blamestorm your way up the ladder!"

I think we need a version for educators, don't you? What a great place to store all the eduspeak: transparency, capacity, paradigm, authentic, scaffolding, best practices.

What other terms would you suggest? What are the ones that make you bite your tongue in order to keep from laughing out loud during meetings? The overused ones that cause you to roll your eyes after hearing them one...more...time? The words you wish would be banned from education?

Think of the comments area as a suggestion box. Leave some ideas and I'll put some cards together. If you have a particular definition or usage you wish to suggest, all the better.


Anonymous said...

After our Friday inservice I think Task Analysis and Language Objectives have to go on the cards. The one I hear that makes me laugh is Internet Safety. I think it should just be Safety. Drawing all these lines on safety doesn't seem effective to me; of course teachers (and parents) need to teach these skills, but I don't think they should be segregated to specific topics as much.

Anonymous said...

Thinking outside the box. Apart from being an oxymoron (anyone who uses that phrase is NOT doing what it says), it always sets me off trying to count all the slang meanings for "box," and what it might mean to think outside them ...