12 April 2007

Generally Satisfied

Years ago, when my Sweetie and I were still getting to know one another, I saw an on-line article reporting on sex lives across the globe. The part we joked about was the percentage reflecting the number of people who were "generally satisfied" in this area, as the study made it out to be a wonderful thing. We were left wondering why that would be good enough for anyone. We tried imagining some pillow talk. "How was it for you?" "Oh, you know, I'm generally satisfied." Being generally satisfied seemed like only a slight improvement over "un-," but certainly not as desirable as "very." Shouldn't that be the goal? Since then, we've used the phrase to apply to most anything: meals, movies, museums, and other things which don't start with an "m." I was thinking about this phrase today because when a meeting with admins was finished and the Boss Lady asked how I thought things went, the first thing that came to mind was that I was generally satisfied.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about romancing the admins (the secondary school ones) in terms of finding a way for Curriculum to be more integrated with their staffs and goals. I have to say that the late March meeting was unsatisfactory in some ways. I don't know that the principals really took us seriously. We asked for some genuine dialogue and tried very hard to engage them, but things didn't gel. In spite of that, we took what little they offered and worked to create some support models to share with them on Thursday afternoon. Surprisingly enough, they started to buy in and give us some good feedback. The junior high admins are more clear about what they want (support in the form of instructional coaches) while high schools are closer to identifying some things. For once, being generally satisfied felt good.

This conversation is a step in the right direction, but we have further to go. Their needs for coaches can only be fulfilled by cutting other positions in order to redirect funds. We (Curriculum) would not only have to work out the financial details, but support with human resources and other take care of other issues. I don't know that we can make it all work for next fall. Perhaps we can start with some schools and find ways to move things along the continuum to everyone being "very satisfied."

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