23 April 2007

Dangerous Play

Last week, I blogged about my curiosity concerning how we ever survived to become adults, given all of the safety precautions there are now. I now see that there's a book designed to recapture a more old-fashioned childhood: The Dangerous Book for Boys. It is billed as "a childhood how-to guide that covers everything from paper airplanes to go-carts, skipping stones to skinning a rabbit...as well as help boys learn how to play marbles, make invisible ink, send Morse code and build a tree fort." (There's a nice review here.)

It reminds me a bit of the Handy Boys and Handy Girls books. I have these on my shelf and enjoy looking through them on occasion. While they no doubt represent a romanticized view of childhood, they also allude to simpler pleasures where entertainment is concerned. Perhaps someone in your own life would enjoy a copy?

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Dr. Rufus said...

you've got a lovli blog and its unarguably lovely..! Very readable and neatly planned..! Kudos...! Keep it up..
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