25 April 2007

Dancing with the Devil

Someone in the office likes to say that the Devil wears glass beads...not Prada. We've had quite a ride with Boss Lady 2.0 this year. Actually, it's been a bit longer of a relationship than that. She was in charge of herding the secondary principals the past two years---and starting last year, she started to nose in on Curriculum territory. We could tell that our Boss Lady wasn't happy with this, but we were "politically ignorant" about things...and frankly, didn't want to know all of the behind the scenes action. I will say that many of us would have paid good money (and still would) to see a cage match with these two.

I bring this up only because the new Boss Lady and I talked about it a bit on Monday.

BL2.0: With the diminishing resources of the district, it doesn't really make sense for us to be a separate department from Teaching and Learning.

SG: I can see where it is hard to tell where one department could stop and the other begin.

BL2.0: But we operate as silos...very protective of our territory.

SG: Or jealous. It seems to me last year that many of us in this office felt we were being squabbled over in a custody battle. Mommy and Daddy seemed to disagree a lot.

BL2.0: Mommy and Daddy still fight now and then.

SG: No. Mommy left and went to OSPI.

BL2.0: And Daddy got custody. (said gleefully)

Ouch. I knew she was determined last year to steal things away from Curriculum (until it became hers...now she fights to keep what she has), but this was definitely a revelation that she meant full well to play dirty with the former Boss Lady. I admit there were decisions made by her that I wasn't entirely happy with...and yet I can't say that I thought she ever lost sight of trying to do the best possible things for kids. The new one is cold, sneaky, and cunning---a very different sort of animal than I have ever seen in education. I'm not entirely equipped to relate to this. I don't know the steps...but I'd better learn them quickly.

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Anonymous said...

It's called the "watch your back step". Lessons available on request.