30 March 2007

The Pause That Refreshes

Yes, friends and neighbours, it's Spring Break. And not a moment too soon. People are pretty darned cranky around the district and we all need a time out...some high quality "me" time for each and every one of us in Whoville. Blogging will be light during the upcoming week. Lack of play is making for a very dull Goddess, indeed.

I need some time to frolic in the yard. I've been out weeding and trimming...admiring the green leafy bits emerging from the hydrangeas, peonies, and blueberry bushes. I need to cut some tree limbs and test out some paint samples on the house. I have a stack of books to read, movies to watch, new recipes to try, and things to explore. Now is the time to catch up on the serious contemplation of my navel, watch the grass grow, have a mid-day nap, eat a leisurely lunch with a good friend, and generally indulge myself.

If we've made it this far into the school year, summer can't be much farther, can it?


Ryan said...

It's been a good break, indeed. I actually managed to stay away from the school all week until today, and for me that's pretty good.

Sorry I didn't get over to WERA this time around, but I'll look forward to seeing you there next year! I read your post on Ken O'Connor; how were the other sessions?


The Science Goddess said...

We really got a lot out the sessions on Thursday (didn't go on Friday). The "exhausted intern" and I looked for you---it would have been fun to have a WA edublogger mini-conference. Let us know if you're ever on this side of the Cascades.