15 March 2007

Juggler at Large

I'm a fairly organized person, but there are times that the universe appears to be working against me in that regard. Yesterday, I had three meetings at the same time...two of which I was slated to facilitate.

I didn't intend for yesterday to be a 3-ring circus with me as the Mistress of Ceremonies. I did schedule my seventh grade group for Wednesday. I set this up in December...and then "Grade in a Box" came along and subs were limited. There were two available for yesterday, so we used them to release two first grade teachers to help. And then, our Curriculum Department meeting got moved from last week to this week. Oy.

Things did work out in their own odd way. I started my seventh grade group at 7:30, hoping to get them focused and working away on their tasks by the time 8:30 rolled around and the first grade teachers arrived. Fortunately, the secondary gifted ed specialist volunteered to facilitate this group at the last moment. I floated back to seventh grade for a few minutes until the 9 o'clock department meeting. I stayed in that one most of the time. I was afraid of leaving as there are so many things going on and the nearly invisible Boss Lady 2.0 was there with quite the agenda in hand. By 12:30, every single group was finished and seemingly happy with the products.

This juggling act is only going to get more complicated. An integral member of our department resigned yesterday...Boss Lady 2.0's mother passed away this afternoon (so BL2 will be out for awhile)...and there are all sorts of other things afoot. Instead of balls in the air, the rest of this year is going to be balls to the wall.


Anonymous said...

Nice juggling, BTW. Will you scrape me off the wall when I splatter?

The Science Goddess said...

Clean up on aisle 12!

Will this require a mop...or a shovel?