20 March 2007

Hanging 10 on the Estrogen Tsunami

The field of education is rife with X chromosomes. My office is no exception. There is one rooster in the henhouse---with three others loosely affiliated with Curriculum, but only present at random moments. Next year, the presence of testosterone will be even more diluted with the two female directors of Teaching and Learning (the principals' overseers) moving into our clutch. The thought of a bevy of Boss Ladies in one office is a bit daunting. A few of us are wondering if there might be some occasions to sell tickets for a cage match next year.

This district is particularly robust in terms of having women on top. Apart from the Supe, the directors are all women. Females run the union and occupy more than half of the school administration positions. Why are we not encouraging more men to take a leadership role? We could use a few more role models who have (more?) hair on their chest than our current regime. As it is now, we'll definitely be riding the estrogen tsunami next year. Surf's up!

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Ryan said...

I understand. Lord, do I understand. There's only two male teachers in my pre-6 building, me and a guy in 6th grade, and the union exec board is me and 3 ladies.

I'd never say that they should hire the next man who comes along regardless of qualifications, but there are days...