05 March 2007

The 700 Club

And so begins my 700th post to this blog...and nary a Pat Robertson in sight. :)

A few of us snuck away on Friday afternoon to visit with our previous Boss Lady, now a mucky-muck at OSPI. OSPI has the responsibility of implementing federal and state requirements for education, monitoring teacher certification, and all other duties as assigned. As a classroom teacher---and even as a district level support teacher---it is easy to scoff at OSPI in some ways. From our more humble perspective, it doesn't look like they have their poop in a pile. Information changes frequently, as does their support model. But having some time to actually listen to the Boss Lady, someone I have such respect for, lay out things for us helped make a lot of sense and cast them in a different light for me.

Really, I should know better. Curriculum/"The District" is routinely villified by classroom teachers without taking the time or energy to really learn about what is happening. As for me, I try to start from the premise that people have good intentions. I am occasionally wrong in doing so as there are all too many people out there who take their joy in working to make others unhappy, but I am not sorry for starting from that point. I understand the frustrations and realities of our teachers---just not their need to be ugly about them. I have to remember that things are not any different at the state level. If I haven't walked in their shoes, I can't very well try to blast them for how they do things.

It's hard to say whether or not the Boss Lady will cross paths with any of us again---at least in a professional capacity. She is in a position to help us further our work on behalf of students in our district and state. Her enthusiasm and revitalized nature as a result of her new job is an inspiration to keep growing...and blogging about it, of course.

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