11 February 2007

Where the Magic Happens

Where and how do you blog? On the couch in your pjs? Surreptitiously at work? With your morning coffee at the kitchen table? All of the above?

With a laptop and wireless network at home, I tend to work in various places. I like my kitchen table---it's faces the window and has a view of the bay. I can watch the tide move while I blog. I also enjoy using my desk (pictured above) as a haven. It's a place to spread out and think. But I also blog from the sofa---or even from the great outdoors when the weather is nice.

Where does your magic happen?


East Coast Teacher said...

At my desk, while I'm curled up in my pj's, or, most times, after a long day at school when I sink onto my chair and let my fingers glide across the keyboard, slowly releasing the stresses of the day.

It's my therapy.

Jim Anderson said...

In my favorite Ikea find, a blue PoƤng chair. I surf and type until my neck gets stiff and I have to quit.

Anonymous said...

I like blogging at my desk but in the amount of time it takes me to formulate a good entry, my shoulders and back and sore. Maybe I'll try blogging from somewhere else in my apartment (provided the fickle wireless connection allows me).

I just found your blog through Today's Homework. I was inspired to create another blog in addition to my personal blog... one about my teaching experiences. I'm happy to have found your blog since you are a science curriculum specialist. Your Feb. 10th post reminded me of a discussion we had in my science methods class last week.

Looking forward to reading your blog!

The Science Goddess said...

Welcome, Ms. W and Ms. Browneyedgirlie to the Land of Education, seamy underbelly and all. I hope the journey each of you takes with your practicum doesn't scare you off---nor the vets out there who fuss from time to time. Good on you for writing about your experiences!

Marilynn said...

At my desk. I, too, have a wireless set-up in the house and a laptop, but most of the time it's connected to the printers and the back-up drive, and I find it too much trouble to unhook everything and then reconnect later. So unless I'm taking the computer out of the house, I usually leave it on the desk.