19 February 2007

Tag, You're It!

Mrs. Bluebird was kind enough to point to me as a thinking blogger. She perhaps has more (misguided?) faith in my brain than I do. :)

Yesterday, I was doing some research for an upcoming paper and stumbled across this quote:
In order to know what you know or think, you need to engage not only in debate with others, but also in reflective practice in terms of how you derived your views and how your views are being received by others. Writing is a key way in which to explore what you truly know or indeed the gaps within your knowings. ---P. Green, 2005, Spaces of Influence

Blogging fills this need for many people. It is a space to reflect, to debate, and to think. Yes, it also is the area where some of us rant and shake our tiny fists...even a prison where we put the ideas we just can't carry around in our heads anymore. For many of the people I work with, blogs are a novelty and not to be taken seriously. The same goes for people in my degree program. It could be that some of them are not willing to be so public with their thinking about life as a teacher or student; but my hunch is that most of them don't feel like they have the time to think or that doing so wouldn't be worthwhile. At the same time most of them are dying for some attention and for someone to listen and engage, they shut off one outlet that could get them where they'd like to go.

The rules of this meme are that I should write about five blogs that make me think. Many of the blogs I read have already been tagged.
  • Jenny D. has amazing questions...deep questions. Her posts often cause me to ponder things for a few days and is one of the few spots where I feel absolutely driven to comment. The conversation is just too interesting not to jump in. I just wish there was a bottle of wine involved
  • Melinama over at Pratie Place makes me think about cultivating my own sense of intellectual curiosity. She is the embodiment of lifelong learning. Painting, music, telenovelas, and more are all stimuli in her world...and lucky us, she shares.
  • Perhaps not a traditional blog, indexed is a place I go to find new representations of ideas and connections among them. The inspiration here has been of great help at meetings recently. People in my office have had some fun with it. One of my favourite comments has been "I feel a Venn coming on!" during the middle of a discussion. We think we need t-shirts with "Veni, Vidi, Venni" on them. (I came, I saw, I Venned.)
  • I enjoy the writing over at Get Lost, Mr. Chips and Öğretmen. Although it might appear that there isn't much in common, they both have to navigate foreign classrooms each day...although one of them has to do it in Turkish. They make me think about my own world---what I do and don't like...make me value what I have...and long for something different.
It is difficult to pick five blogs. I enjoy everything I have on my sidebar---and some others that I'm not ready to list there yet. The Peeping Tom in me appreciates that people provide these windows into their personal and professional lives. It's good food for thought.

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