25 February 2007

Skinny for Blogging N00b5

There is plenty of room in the edusphere for more perspectives and voices. I am always excited to discover a new blog...and sad when others either run their course or mysteriously disappear. Some judge their success by the number of hits they get or their rank on the Truth Laid Bear, but those aren't always the ones which capture the imagination---more than anything, they may have their own particular brand of attention-seeking behaviors. :) If you're a new kid on the block, I have a few bits of wisdom to share. I am certainly still learning some things as I go along, but here are some lessons I've managed to learn in the last two years. Perhaps others out there can add to this.

  • You can get yourself some notice by commenting on posts you like, or at least, blogs that interest you. The blogger will likely click through and give you a look---and so may other commenters. The "bigger" the blog, the more traffic this could send your way. This is especially useful when you are new kid on the block---you are writing your heart out, sharing all the great stuff you've been thinking about, and maybe no one else is seeing it. If you can, continue to comment on what you read or what interests you in the great wide world of blogging. I need to be doing more of this.
  • Use some code from statcounter or sitemeter to monitor what's pulling people to your blog. Once you register, the site will generate the code and tell you where to paste it into your template. If you're nervous about messing up your template, you can always copy and paste it into a document and save it as a backup before you play around with things.
  • When you post something, remember to use Ping-o-matic to let various services know that you've updated your blog. This will help connect people searching for information with your blog.
  • Technorati is a great place to register. You can check in and see who is linking to you and also track your favourite blogs.
  • Join in on the Education Carnival each week. Everyone is welcome to make a submission. The host has final say over what gets posted, but it has been my experience that few are rejected---and the ones which are usually have very little to connect them with the world of education. Let people know what you're talking about.
  • Be patient. There are some blogs which seem to take off like wildfire, but most of us are just slow burners. Until you build up a library of posts, you're not likely to get much traffic from search engines. If your goal in blogging is to just have a place to stash the stuff rolling around in your head like a bunch of loose change, this won't bother you; however, if you're desire is to be the greatest blog ever, you'll either need to be (a) an attention whore or (b) a knock-out writer with a very persuasive and unique voice.
I welcome new-to-blogging educators like the Browneyedgirlie, the Determined Science Geek (a/k/a Ms. W, who is wondering what she's gotten herself into), and the Exhausted Intern---who knows all too well that there are Not Enough Hours... I wish you much success and satisfaction with your new pursuits. Thanks for joining the conversation!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking me! I actually figured out your comment strategy with my less anonymous, non-teacher blog. I obtained a bunch of readers from the sports related blogs I comment on.

I need to post more on determinedsciencegeek. There are not enough hours in the day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and the tips! I'll be sure to give them a try. So much to learn...

Jim Anderson said...

An easy way to increase traffic: watch the search terms that hit your site, and use those key words and phrases in titles of new posts. Google prefers them in its rankings. (Warning: sometimes the results will be frightening.)

The Science Goddess said...

I know what you mean, Jim. There are all sorts of people Google brings to my doorstep. :)

Anonymous said...

Well said.

I've actually got a couple of other blogs on various and sundry issues, and have been wanting to spend a bit of time on the education thing I do.

A little motivation goes a long way.

_Teacher with a bad attitude_

Anonymous said...

... and remember to set your blog to allow posts from folks who aren't Blogger bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for the tips and links. I've also started a new blog ( www.emholliday.com ) with assistance from my wonderful IT expert hubby but it's lovely to hear from someone in education how they do it!