20 February 2007


Girl, I must warn ya'
I sense something strange in my mind
Yeah yo situation is serious
And it looks like we're running out of time...

If I were you I'd take precaution
Before I start to leave fly girl
You know 'cause in some portions
You'll think she's the best thing in the world...

That girl is poison
Never trust a big butt and smile
That girl is poison poison

I don't know how else to describe my boss at the moment.

She has undermined most of the work that the teachers in Curriculum have tried to do this year. We all have multiple sets of treadmarks on us from being thrown under the bus by her time after time, but today was a completely new twist. Imagine a meeting that has been talked about for weeks...that people spent all holiday weekend planning...only to find out this morning that, oops, she forgot to send out the invitation on Outlook and so none of the principals put it on their calendars. We had foolishly thought that this time, our plans were Boss Lady proof.

I have more to think about, but for now I'm rather speechless. All I can think about is the poison that will be sitting down the hall from me in the morning.

Update: It turns out that she didn't "forget" to put the meeting on her calendar. Her daughter is visiting, and after not being at work in the morning, she brought the girl with her to parade her through the offices. Not cool.

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