09 February 2007


When I'm out and about at schools, I get to see a lot of writing and artwork done by kids. This particular piece caught my eye and made me laugh. The character is just so...furry. Down there. I thought perhaps he should be called the Merkin Man. But it appears that the child actually named him the Devil Eagle, even if he does look like a happy sort of fellow. Is that a grocery bag of bones? Or perhaps the toques of two poor chefs being taken back to the lair? Looks like the guy has quite the can opener for the other hand, but it must be a bummer to have to walk around on one's knees.

For some perspective, here's the character along with a couple other representatives:

As you can see, the other pieces of art on the wall had lots of texture, too...just not in the same way. The arrangement is a bit unfortunate, I think. Above Devil Eagle, it looks like the character is going to shoot the one on the left in a place no arrow should pierce. Ouch. That character---perhaps the second cousin of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz---already looks unhappy about things.

Okay, so maybe they aren't all going to grow up to be the next Picasso; but then, neither am I. In the meantime, I'm glad I my camera along for these forays to area classrooms. I can never tell what I'll see next.

P.S. If you're looking for a more views on children's artwork, click here.

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Snippety Gibbet said...

Hahahahahaha! That's why I love kid art. Thanks for sharing! jan