06 February 2007

Heavy Breathing

There's just too much happening this week.

I spent the morning with a sweet 5th grade class...and a good part of the afternoon with 50 (count 'em) fourth graders. I had thought that my model lesson was just for one teacher, but no. When I was working with the fifth grade class, I learned that the other fourth grade teacher wanted her class to participate, too. At the same time as the other class. Oy. It was a challenge for all of us, but we made it work.

The poor math guy in our office has gotten hammered (not as in drunk, but as in verbally beat upon) by parents and teachers over the last few days. On Friday, a parent told him that math should only be taught to kids who get it...and those who don't should just be relegated to picking up garbage or menial labor. Things went downhill from there. What do you say to a parent like that? I heard that a parent from another school wants to sue the district over the new math curriculum. Oh, and a few teachers from our snooty high school dressed him down in a public meeting yesterday over some data he was reporting to them.

Meanwhile, after all of the drama my district experienced last year when we decided to leave the consortium for elementary science and start up our own kit center, other districts are following suit. Today, we learned of two more and smiled. They are friendly places and the opportunities to work with them on developing science stuff for teachers will be rich. Our students and teachers stand to gain a lot from this, but I do feel sorry for all the tiny districts who are stuck with the consortium.

Pant, pant. And it's only Tuesday.

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