22 February 2007

The Grand Scheme of Things

I've tried to blog several times this afternoon and evening. My trouble in posting was not due to issues with Blogger (for once), but rather my difficulty in getting some clarity around the day. I really do try to write everyday. Blogging is definitely something that takes discipline, in that regard, and yet I want to make sure that posts are meaningful, too. I want the things I think about here to be more broad than just my own little sphere of influence. I hope to make some sense of my place in the Grand Scheme of Things.

I learned today that 7 of our 12 elementaries for next year will have new-to-them principals. I also found out that the person who has given heart and soul to setting up the kit center this year is on a temporary contract...and could be bumped from her job by a secretary (!) in an involuntary transfer. I discovered this afternoon that a man who can't plan his way out of a paper sack is going to be given an admin internship for next year, while a competent teacher will not. It was cemented for me today how much damage people in leadership positions can do when they have no leadership or people skills. And more.

These things are paralyzing my brain, making it hard to post. I don't like to whine here...whining accomplishes nothing and doesn't recognize or respect that everyone has travails to endure. This week, though, has just knocked me on my fanny and I'm having a hard time regaining perspective on the Grand Scheme of Things. I have to figure out what my choices are and move on from there. Tomorrow is supposed to be quiet. I have a few projects I can manage at work and perhaps things will sort themselves out in my mind as the day passes.

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