23 February 2007

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

Maybe we do. I'm a bit jealous that there are some science scout badges, such as

The "my degree inadvertantly makes me competent in fixing household appliances" badge.

and the "I work with way too much radioactivity, and yet no discernible superpowers yet" badge,

or my personal favourite: the "inordinate fondness for invertebrates" badge.

I think educators need some options, too. Is there a procrastination badge for papers you've put off marking until the end of the grading period? Perhaps the keen ability to teach class after only a couple of hours of sleep. For secondary social studies teachers, perhaps a "Just push play." badge to recognize showing videos each week. Should there be a badge for working with inhuman admins/secretaries/colleagues? Maybe one for parents or a classroom of ADHD kids? How about a mimeograph machine to commemorate those of us who used to sniff those lovely purple inked sheets?

Here's a blank...knock yourself out. :)

Update: Laura over at "Teaching, Or at Least Trying To" has created some badges for us. Go have a look!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind, but I've made a few Teacher Scout Badges!

The Science Goddess said...

You did such an awesome job! I'm really jealous of your graphic design skills.