27 January 2007

The Shape of Things to Come

As I continue to move through my grad degree program, I keep trying to nail down what it is that I'd like to have as a focus. There are endless ideas, it seems, but plucking one from the wealth of topics isn't simple.

I have written several posts here this year about standards based grading, and for now, this seems to be an area that I can mine for my doctoral study. In particular, I am interested in what's going to happen to the tykes in my district as they transition from that system at elementary into the "traditional" system at junior high. Will kiddos/families in a standards based system---one without the "reward/punishment" aspect---have better attitudes about school?

Things are still a bit fuzzy at this point and I'm continuing to work through what the research design might include. This program doesn't really allow for longitudinal studies, so I'll have to look at some way to stratify my samples, but there's plenty of time for me to get the details in place. For now, I'm just glad to have something come to the forefront of the pack.

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