03 January 2007

100 (is) Grand

Have you checked out this weeks' Carnival of Education yet? It's the 100th edition---a feat worth celebrating. Get on over there and enjoy this week's round-up of all that's fit to blog.

I spent the day with a feisty group of 2nd grade teachers. They weren't mean-spirited, rude, or ugly about anything, but they did have a need to process a lot of what was happening in the district. That really wasn't what the math person and I had scheduled for the day, but group therapy appeared to be the order of the day. As classroom teachers know, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. You have to let go of your own plans now and then in order to foster the herd. I have a feeling that as more an more information about school closures, teacher reassignments, program eliminations, continues to be available, teacher groups are going to need more of this sort of time. Lots of binging and purging of information is going to be the norm this spring. I hope we learn to pace ourselves.

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