10 December 2006

Second Blogiversary

Confetti by ADoseofShipBoy CC-BY
Two years ago, I restarted this blog. It had begun as more of a personal space and I didn't post very often. I thought maybe I could do a bit more with things if I reflected on the career portion of my life. Working in public education has been near and dear to my heart all of my adult life. My journey has had a lot of twists over the last two years---I've gone from four classes a day and one "science goddess" period a day to focus on secondary science issues to a full-time k-12 science specialist (and beginning teacher mentor).
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Many thanks to those of you who have supported this blog. I appreciate the thoughtful comments you make, the shout-out links you provide to and from your own cyberpulpits, and the comaraderie to be found in the edusphere.

So, let's get the party started! Here's to another grand year!

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You're an excellent read. Thanks for sharing!