22 December 2006

Lighting It Up

I'm sure that there's a lot going on in the world of education at the moment, but I'd rather blog about something else: Christmas lights.

Christmas on the Pecos by sfgamchick CC-BY-NC-ND

I ran some errands this afternoon and enjoyed the seasonal light displays on the way home. My adad always put up some lights---all at my amom's insistence. It was a task he dreaded. I remember his last Christmas. I had called one afternoon and he was in the middle of the yearly chore. He was frustrated with the untangling and testing of bulbs and said he'd decided that he was just going to spell "Fuck you" in the front window using the lights. I've never mentioned this story to my amom. I like the secret---it makes me smile each time I remember.

The picture here is from Christmas on the Pecos, which was another chapter of my life. The Pecos river runs through Carlsbad, NM, and those homeowners fortunate enough to have property along the banks dress up their backyards. You can only see the decorations from that water. Boat tours take people up and down the river to see all the light displays. I've never seen anything like it.

I didn't put up lights of my own this year---between the wettest November in Seattle history and an all too busy December in Curriculum, it just didn't seem to be the right time. But tonight, I just enjoyed cruising around and seeing everyone else's handiwork, creativity, and joy. Best of the season to you all!

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