21 December 2006

Good Blogs

Mr. McNamar recently posted about his general disappointment in the nominees for the best education blog. He then suggested a few of his own. It got me wondering a bit about my own blogroll and who/what I like to read.

Most of the blogs up for awards were compendium type blogs. They track lots of different stories, give a synopsis, and move on. There's only one of those I read: The Education Wonks. I guess I feel like I have enough news at my fingertips and coming at me from all sides---I really don't need to go searching for a blog with the list of the day. It's just not my thing.

What I do like are bloggers who have a real voice to their writing. Whether it starts with a piece from the news, from the classroom, or the world at large, my "must reads" have a personal and clear voice. They give you a glimpse into their own minds and lives, rather than regurgitating news feeds. I still let the Wonks fall into this category, if only because they editorialize their posts. There are a couple of blogs I've been looking at recently and have been reluctant to add them to my blogroll for the reason that they lack "voice" in their writing. The blogs just feel like a basic diary of what happened in the classroom on any given day---there isn't any reflection about it.

I also like bloggers who post regularly. I certainly understand the realities of trying to blog nearly every day, but those who only write every few weeks---no matter how good the writing---don't sustain my attention. Some blogs I've had on my blogroll I eventually omitted for this reason. It's just too frustrating.

My general blogroll includes a few that are not specifically geared for education, but a goddess doesn't live by edublogs alone. The Functional Ambivalent has a gift for writing---and I love to laugh. Pratie Place's Melinama is the kind of gal you'd like to hang out with. I enjoy the diversity of her interests and her intellectual curiosity. Other places I visit and list also give a sense of wonder about the world. It's not the classroom that's important to me. It's the learning.

As a blogging community, I think that we do have a responsibility to support one another...to comment and probe ideas...to connect and promote ourselves. This doesn't mean that everyone has to list every blog in the edusphere on their roster, only that we celebrate and foster our creativity.

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DelaneyKirk said...

I agree that we should support each other...I would love a Master List of good, relevant, timely blogs on teaching.