03 November 2006

Not Your Parents' Protein Synthesis

And then again, maybe it is.

The "GooTube" film below is one that was sort of an underground sensation around here. There were rumors of hippies who had acted and danced out the basic parts of protein synthesis (while a Jabberwocky type poem is read in the background) and then a teacher found a copy on VHS. This much treasured video was shown to our more advanced students, not just because of content, but because of the oddity of it all. It's just so darned groovy.

Upon seeing this was now available on YouTube, I excitedly e-mailed my colleagues. One replied, "Twas totally brillig! Makes you want to gyre and gimble in the wabe. But at the moment my amino acid is flaccid."

See for yourself. Maybe it'll make your amino acids perky, too.

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