08 November 2006

Just Do It: Carnival #93

The 93rd version of the Carnival of Education is hosted by the NYC Educator this week. If you haven't taken a stroll down the midway, I highly recommend it. There's a great collection of posts this week. Two of my favourites are


  • Right Wing Nation's take on GroupThink. I might not agree with all that's written there, but this particular post definitely strikes close to home. For most of the meetings I attend around here, I want to scream, "Wake up!" to others.
The best thing about the Carnival is the variety of viewpoints. Expand your horizons and go see what is happening in the hearts and minds of those who are walking in different shoes down the road of education.

Number 94 is only a week away. And guess what? It'll be right here in this space. I'm planning a big Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. So, get ready for turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie. There's room at the table---so send your links my way!

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