28 November 2006

Damned If You Do...Damned If You Don't

We don't get a lot of snow or ice out in this part of the world. Rain? Certainly. But temperatures tend to stay, well, temperate for most of the year. But Sunday brought us a bit of snow. Clear skies yesterday followed by more snow and unseasonably cold temperatures brought us a lot of ice on the roads.

School was cancelled yesterday, but the supe opted for the late start option this morning. There were lots of angry phone calls from parents today. Didn't he see the news claiming that if you didn't need to drive, you shouldn't? (True, but that was for Seattle metro...which we arent'.) Our district does cover a lot of geographical territory, so some places can have clean and dry roads while others are dealing with several inches of snow. It doesn't always make sense to parents as to why schools are closed or aren't closed, depending upon where a family lives.

We're scheduled for more ugly weather today and tomorrow. I'm hoping for some patience on the part of families. It's one of those things where whether or not we have school, somebody will call and let us know our mistake.


Anonymous said...

I completely sympathize. Our district's eastern half has a fairly high elevation, with some treacherous mountain roads. Sometimes we're out of school and driving conditions in town are perfect, and parents on the that side of the district wonder what in the world is going on. Sometimes we get called off because all the forecasters are calling for blizzards, and we end up getting a flake or two. Or we go to school and then they send us home early because the snow is worse than predicted, but by the time the buses make the second run they're traveling in the worst part of the storm. Plus, we're in the south, so road conditions are often compounded by the fact that most of us cannot drive well in snow, only getting to practice it once or twice a year. I'm just glad I'm not the person making the decision and then dealing with annoyed parents no matter what the decision was.

The Science Goddess said...

No kidding. I know that the supe gets paid a lot more than me, but sometimes I wonder if it's enough to compensate for everything his shoulders have to bear.