01 November 2006

Am I Missing Something?

In June, I sent this e-mail to our tech department:

"During the Curriculum Optional Days in August, we are planning to continue training staff in grades 6 - 9 on the new science curriculum---specifically, the software components. I know that I already provided you with a copy of some of the software.

What does the timeline need to look like so that we can be sure the software is installed and related websites unblocked by the nannyware? What other information should we provide you?"

I received this reply...

"We will package and test the software over summer, and I will be happy to keep you in the loop."

Of course, that didn't really happen and so there were problems in August. Silly me, I thought the techs would actually do what they said. Today, the head of the tech department mentioned that they would need software to them by June 15 if we needed anything installed by the start of the school year. I asked them what timeline we could expect from them. It's all well and good to give us one...what will they do? I also mentioned the problems over the summer.

The head hemmed and hawed and went back to her department. She later forwarded these e-mails from the summer with this message:

"As you can see from this chain of e-mail, you never stated what software titles you needed installed or where, only that you gave [tech] some of the software. I am sorry, but it appears we did not have enough information from you to determine what software you needed and tested until you followed up in August."

Am I missing something here? I handed them the software (so the titles should have been clear) and indicated that they were for the optional days in August. It's true, I didn't state the specific place in June, but the techs managed to get all of the software for the SPED trainings loaded at the same building...could there be some valid reason they couldn't figure out that science people would be in the same place for a district-wide day?

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