26 October 2006

Quick, Before Blogger Crashes Again

Is it just me, or has blogger been particularly fussy over the last week? Seems like when I've got a few minutes to post or catch up on my reading, things haven't cooperated.

Some things I'm thinking about, but haven't gotten to write about...
  • The easing of limits by the Department of Education for single sex classes and schools in public education. I'm not quite sure how they can claim a year ago that their studies showed single sex education doesn't make a difference in student achievement and then now decide that schools can use it when the district believes it will. I know that some bloggers have mentioned that this change in opinion may reflect a more parent-friendly stance: it can provide another type of choice. Is that okay? Should our focus (parents, educators, community) be on what's best for kids...not parents?
  • Some of you out there might also be interested in checking out this article from the Harvard University website about a joint study they completed on the (lack of) relationship between high school AP courses and college success in science. I can't say that I find the results surprising. AP science courses are intended to be equivalents of courses for non-majors in college---not for those who pursue degrees in the sciences. The AP curriculum might be standardized, but that is not true for colleges and universities. Different places (and professors) have varying expectations, including some very specific knowledge they want kiddos in the sciences to get a handle on.
Hope to blog again soon. There's lots more to share!

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