20 October 2006

New Sheriff in Town

Boss Lady 2.0 has been in the office four months, but I haven't had a lot of contact with her until this week. I know it sounds odd---but her job is quite broad and mine has been more than I can juggle. There just haven't been a lot of points for intersection. In the last two days, however, I've been in 6 hours of meetings with her and I'm starting to get a better feel for how she is going to do business.

My first Boss Lady was more of a nurturing type...matronly in the sense of being a sort of den mother to us. She was very protective of the teachers in her charge. Her communication style was more subversive---she preferred to lead discussions in such a way that you came to the conclusion that she wanted so that it felt like your idea. She was not always an out front sort of leader---not that she stayed away from any challenge, but rather that she seemed more interested in coaching some leadership skills from the rest of us.

The new style of leadership in the department is definitely one where Boss Lady 2.0 isn't afraid to be blunt in voicing her ideas and having a strong hand in guiding conversations. She is interested in equity of resources (Huzzah!) and talking about the elephants which have been in the room for some time now. Her thought processes and goals are transparent. While this is definitely a big change in how our department operates, it's not all bad---and it certainly isn't being received favourably by all. Change is difficult.

The next few weeks should reveal a bit more about how things may move from now on. Right now, it looks like the new sheriff is ready to get her guns blazing and clear a path for us.

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