29 October 2006

Life After the Kit Center

It seems like most of my working life over the last year has been devoted to thinking about our science kit center. Should we have one? How much would it cost? What would we need? Could we handle it? There are lots of other projects I would very much liked to have worked on, but this was one that just had to have priority. It has made this fall difficult in some ways and not much fun in others. But we have survived in good stead.

We were able to hire someone, although a month later than what HR promised us. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose, as the person we got is amazing. She is terribly overqualified with an M.S. and years of experience running a research lab where people who had earned their DVM degrees came back to work on PhDs. Ordering paper plates and cutting wax paper is definitely not what she's been professionally trained to manage. However, she has her reasons for wanting this job and we're not going to quibble with them. We have truly come out ahead with this.

There are some minor issues continuing to dog the first rotation of kits...and we are certainly having to think about getting restocked for rounds two and three. I don't think that there will be a quiet spell until the spring. But we are getting several community volunteers in to help and our new coordinator has brought several good relationships with vendors with her. Things take time, which is not what you want to hear if you're a classroom teacher with a need for that day. Most of them have been very patient and understanding.

This is the first week where I don't have back to back meetings and events scheduled on my calendar. I have time to actually concentrate on my job: supporting teachers.

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