03 September 2006

The Research Ahead

Tuesday is not only the first day of the school year in this district, it is also the start date for the next course in my EdD sequence: Research Approaches for the Teacher Leader. This is actually the first of three courses involving research design (courses that focus specifically on qualitative and quantitative aspects are up next). I am really looking forward to these as they're areas where I already have a basis of knowledge. It also means that I can hone in on a question and begin to think about my own research.

What will be my focus? Originally, I wanted to use the (re)building of our elementary science program, but now I'm not so sure. I'm thinking of poking around the intersection of gender research and brain-based approaches to learning. I might also want to see if I can apply a systems approach to district initiatives---can you make communications "viral" within a district? I hope to be purposeful about combining my district duties with my doctoral studies. It seems like there should be several points where there can be natural overlap, and it would certainly simplify my life if I could make that happen.

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