11 September 2006

Growing Pains

Following a lot of discussion and heartburn, my district determined that it was in the best interests of our students to manage our own science kits at the elementary school level. This has meant that there have been some particularly nasty moments as we refused to resign the contract with the local consortium who had been supplying kits and a great deal of uncertainty in the meantime. Will the budget really add up as planned? Will we really be able to provide teachers with all that they've requested? Can we find staff who can fulfill all of the varied tasks? What will happen with science scores?

There are still a lot of unknowns. The school year is now a week under way, but the space for the center is still not ready (the previous occupants were there until August 31). Hiring has been delayed as HR negotiates things with The Union. We are opening things with two subs, who started today. I'm not terribly impressed with them, but we'll make the best we can of things. (Shouldn't someone who routinely subs for secretaries be able to do basic things in Excel?) I ended up bringing home a ton of work for the evening, because I lost so much of my day trying to help the subs get things done.

I don't regret our decisions. We have already been able to do some things for teachers that we could never have done in the past. I just have to remember to take a few deep cleansing breaths and make my peace with the idea that this year is going to be full of growing pains as we get this program up and running. The bottom line is that all of this is for kids. As long as that remains our reason for making decisions, I don't think we'll be wrong.

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