05 September 2006

Does Pre-School Count?

If pre-school counts, then today is the first day of school since 1972 where I wasn't in a classroom one way or another...if it does, then make my answer 1973.

Things kicked off today in our district and it was an odd sensation not to be part of a classroom situation. The day was full of the myriad of details which go into supporting teachers and students in the classroom, but not the kind of excitement one feels just before walking through the door to make some magic happen.

But I must confess that I didn't miss it.

It's such an odd thing for me to say. I always got so much energy from being with the kids and learning with them...and I know that I will again when I go back. At this point in my life, however, I have a different sort of role in education and my enthusiasm is directed toward new-to-me sorts of projects and challenges. As a friend observed, "Perhaps this will finally be the year when you can concentrate on doing your job and enjoying your time off...without knife-wielding insane roommates or emergency abdominal surgery." One hopes, anyway. Goodness knows that after 30+ years of starting September off in a classroom, a change could do me a lot of good.

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