03 August 2006

WASL Redux

Summer Seminars are done. :) On Monday, we soldier forth into WASL testing. I've arranged the space, "table tented" the id tags, bought hundreds of bottles of water and snacks, sharpened umpty dozen pencils, and brought all of the tests up to the area and secured them. Proctors are trained and kids have their postcards with dates, times, and allowed items. We're as ready as we'll ever be.

And the kids? The ones who've attended the Seminars feel like they're prepared. They're ready to rock.

Teachers are cautiously optimistic---thinking that the kids who the program was designed for are shoo-ins for passing and the others are still probably not going to make it...but will get a lot closer. I've already had several phone calls from kids and parents who did not do the Seminars and have changed their minds about testing next week.

I'm looking forward to the quiet calm of the testing environment. It will be good to have a few days where my main worries are cell phones and the use of mechanical pencils. I only have to be in one space all day and there will be very little to do. I'm hoping that the kids who do come will be successful---and certainly knowing that everyone who is there wants to be there and intends to put forth their best effort should engender a certain esprit de corps. We'll all hold a bit of breath in until scores are released in October.

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